Non-user consultation links for MA event

Here is a list of information resources and reference guides that I have put together ahead of a presentation I’m giving at a Museums Association event ‘Getting to know you: Using visitor data intelligently’ on 20 September 2017. You can also download the list as a PDF: Non-user consultation links.

For accreditation and funding body guidelines:

Arts Council England Accreditation Guidance on Users and their experience:

Heritage Lottery Fund guide to audience development:

For tools

Online survey software:,

Research question bank:

A template for an audience research brief:

For free infographic websites:,,,

For codes of conduct

Market Research Society code of conduct:

Market Research Society guidelines on a range of types of research and themes:

Code of practice for conducting research in town centres:

For data protection information

Guide to data protection:

To see if you need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office:

For statistics

The Office for National Statistics:

For inspiration

The Museum 2.0 blog – Nina Simon’s blog on the participatory museum:

And The Participatory Museum book:

Searchable articles, guides and case studies from the arts marketing sector:

The Visitor Studies Group:

Museums Association’s Museum Practice guide on audiences (MA membership needed to access content):

If you have any other suggestions that should be added to the list, I’d love to hear from you!

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